The TraderLynk Professional Services Team act as consultants to help you bring Skype For Business into your trader voice and trading support workflows

Professional Services

TraderLynk works seamlessly with the Skype for Business infrastructure, tapping into its API and the investments that have been taking place in enterprise voice architectures. TraderLynk uses existing identities and permissions, which seamlessly interacts with the Skype for Business community. This means both internally within the organisation, and externally via Skype for Business federation, which instantly establishes connectivity with the rest of the financial community and most importantly with your customers.

We are not expecting you to rip and replace your existing infrastructural investments, but to take advantage of the Skype for Business features. These may already be installed or planned for installation in other parts of your organisation. The first step entering this new world is to install a pilot system to be installed in your innovation labs as a number of banks are already doing. We can work alongside your internal IT departments to provide a technical lead to consult with as your organisation takes responsibility for bringing about these changes.

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